Save Money On Your Next Construction Project

Check out our rough-cut lumber in Machias, NY

The wood required for your construction project is likely a big expense. Instead of buying lumber from a big-box store, you can save money by shopping at Story Wood Products in Machias, NY. We sell a variety of wood, including rough-cut lumber, that you can use to complete all kinds of projects.

Not sure what type of wood is right for you? Trust our experts to help you pick the best lumber material to meet your needs. Visit us today to get your project started.

Find the perfect wood for your project

Find the perfect wood for your project

We supply:

  • Larch lumber—which is todays most popular outdoor building lumber material and serves as a great substitute for high priced pressure treated lumber. Larch is known for its natural rot resistance and chemical free qualities, making it a great material for building fences, raised garden beds, pergolas, retaining walls and many more needs
    • Hemlock lumber—which is often used for board and batten siding for barns, garages, etc.
    • Spruce lumber—which is often used for structural building lumber great for framing in cabins, garages and barns
    • White Pine lumber—which is often used for board and batten siding along with finishing off inside walls of garages, etc.

    No matter what kind of project you’re starting, you can turn to us for high-quality lumber materials. Call us now at 716-989-9288 to ask any questions about our wood products.