Slick Trick Firestarter

Slick Trick Firestarter is a Natural Firestarter

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Slick Trick Fire Starter is made with all-natural wax-coated wood chips designed to get your fires started fast, safely, and easily. Made from a soy wax this can be used to start any fire including campfires, wood stoves, cooking fires, etc Just take a handle of firestarter and place it between 2 pieces of dry firewood. Light it with any lighter flame or torch and add more firewood on top leaving air gaps.

With up to 15 minutes of burn time this firestarter will have your fire burning with having to use any chemicals or excessive amounts of kindling.

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Product Details

  • All Natural Wood Chips
  • Food Grade Wax
  • Up to 15 Minute Burn Time
  • Waterproof

Great for Starting:

  • Campfires
  • Fireplaces
  • Woodstoves
  • Smokers and More

Our 1.75 lb. Bag Starts up to Ten Fires!